About Kaja

After completing her studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana in 1996, Kaja Lipnik Vehovar worked in various architectural offices. She has been working as a project manager and a leading architect in the architectural studio Kubusarhitektura since 2002.

In 2015 she enrolled in doctoral studies Economics and Techniques for the Conservation of the Architectural and Environmental Heritage, University of Nova Gorica. The subject of her PhD dissertation concerns the built heritage of the 20th century in Ljubljana with an emphasis on urban and architectural planning during the periods of social transformations, particularly the relationship between open spaces and built structures.

In 2017, at the Association of Architects of Ljubljana, she initiated the organisation of a discussion addressing the controversial project Bežigrad Sports Park, which had been planned at the site of Central Stadium in Ljubljana, a unique work of the greatest Slovenian architect, Jože Plečnik. The round-table was organised as the closing event of the exhibition Arhitekt ura_Inventura 2014-2016 in Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana.

In 2018, she participated at the 15th International DoCoMoMo Conference ‘Metamorphosis – The Continuity of Change’ in Ljubljana, with the article ‘Modern Neighbourhoods in Ljubljana – The Splendour and Misery of their Existence and Development’ and its presentation at the ‘European housing strategies’ session under the mentorship of Prof. Miles Glendinning, College of Art, Edinburgh.


Kaja Lipnik Vehovar, U.D.I.A.
Lavriceva 4a, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
gsm: +386 40 425 969
e-mail:  velika@t-2.net
website: http://www.kubusarhitektura.si