9.b.5 – Details on the Exterior

Railings, window shutters, blinds, jalousies and screens           

        The harmonious consistency of the building is also influenced by details such as balcony fences, blinds, outdoor air conditioning units, etc. Each building should have prescribed binding architectural guidelines for all elements that appear on the building envelope that would assist residents in maintaining and renovating their property.

        Balcony railings must remain unified and follow the original design. All metal elements on a particular building must be of a uniform colour from the original palette.

        For blinds of windows, it is necessary to find a uniform solution for the whole building (ordering a large number of new shades at the contractor can be an excellent negotiating starting point – all the residents would benefit, both financially and with a more uniform look of the building). This principle applies to all elements that are within the competence of each owner in terms of maintenance and renovation of the building.