9.b.2 – Recesses in a Building

  Recesses in a building: recessed balconies, open galleries, arcades

             The visual character of the building is also defined by openings on the facade, such as loggias and arcades. Their peripheral walls are positioned into the interior of the building and consequently reflected on the facade as very contrasting elements (usually like dark surfaces on a bright facade).

             Enclosing of openings with glass or in any other way means essential change on the buildings’ facade.

        In Slovenia, in multi-dwelling houses is very common individual glazing of recessed balconies, loggias. Most of them are glazed because the rooms of the loggia and living space are joined together.Thus, the inhabitants acquired some additional living space.

        The others are setting up winter gardens/greenhouses or even carrying out classical constructions on terraces.

        The glazing of loggias should only be permissible based on a single plan for the entire building, but only if such an intervention would not jeopardise the architectural character of the building. Any types of constructions in atriums,  on galleries or terraces, are not permitted.