9.b.1 – Projections on the Building

Projections on the building: balconies, overhangs, canopies…

        Platforms projecting from the wall, such as balconies, are noticeable elements on the facades and make an important contribution to the architectural character of every building.

        Enclosing, or even removing the balcony, means a severe change of the building facade.

        Individual glazing of balconies on multi-dwelling buildings is a big issue. Although under the housing law and Municipal Spatial Plan this is inadmissible, it is relatively widespread. Each owner closes his balcony, and each in a different way. The consequences of such behavior are devastating for the appearance of the building.

        The glazing of balconies should only be permissible based on a single plan for the entire building, but only if such an intervention would not jeopardise the architectural character of the building. The same applies to canopies.