Common goods and open public space: fences

Private gardens, belonging to the ground floor flats in neighbourhoods are often fenced by the owners. If there is no uniform approach to the implementation of fences, the result is a messy appearance of the public open space and the neighbourhood in general.

Usually, private atriums co-create a part of the green public belts along the footpaths. A balanced mix of public and private open green spaces creates diverse external ambiences of the neighbourhoods. Unified fences of atrium dwellings in multi-apartment buildings and/or neighbourhoods would also contribute to a more orderly and homogeneous appearance of the entire neighbourhood.  

Hence, it is necessary to find a solution, which will be consistent with the original urban and architectural design of the housing estate. In each multi-dwelling house or entire neighbourhood, should be prepared 3 or 4 types mutually consistent solutions for garden fences, e.g. hedge, a combination of wooden plates and hedges, etc., prescribed in details. Owners can choose the most suitable option for themselves, but the agreed versions must be binding on all stakeholders; without any exceptions.